The best prom dresses for dancing


It’s safe to a say a lot of dancing occurs at a school prom, and after many years of hard work, why shouldn’t it?! So don’t let your prom dress get in your way. Many people don’t even consider how easy it will be to dance in their dress – but it should be one of the main considerations!

So without further ado, here are our favourite dress styles for dancing:

Short Dresses:

When it comes to dancing, short dresses are the way to go. Choose a cocktail dress with a flowing chiffon or tulle skirt to give you the perfect amount of glamour, without your skirt being constantly stood on!

Sturdy Straps :

Sweetheart necklines are gorgeous, but if you plan on dancing the night away you may want to opt for something more supportive. Strong straps help to keep your dress in place and will help you to feel more confident throughout the evening. You also won’t have to hoist your dress back up every five minutes!

Glamorous Accents:

Sparkle sparkle sparkle! Sequins, beads and glitter look fantastic on a dance floor under the spotlights. You’ll look so glamorous twirling throughout the night and in any photographs taken.

So, you’ve chosen your perfect prom dress and you want to remember how beautiful it makes you look and feel forever, why not book one of our prom packages?

Flawless x

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