Flawless is dedicated to empowering women and inspiring confidence.

Pageants are so much more these days than just about beauty they are there to enable women to present who they are and develop their personal skills and highlight the talents that shape who they are.

Pageant History

Beauty Pageants started off in Ancient Greece, however the most well-known Beauty Pageant “Miss America” began in 1921.

Several seaside resorts around Great Britain introduced beauty contests as attractions. Miss Great Britain began in the Summer of 1945 under the name “Bathing Beauty Queen” and was watched by over 4500 individuals.  In 1956 the competition was renamed to the most prestigious pageant, Miss Great Britain.

In 2020, Miss Great Britain celebrated their 75th Anniversary, Flawless have been the proud sponsors of the regional pageant Miss Great Britain Leeds for the last 3 years!

As well as Miss Great Britain Leeds, Flawless have been supporting Pageants across the North of England for over 9 years.

Sponsored Pageants

We are proud at Flawless to sponsor some of the Pageant Queens at the leading, national pageants in the North of England. You will be able to find below a list of future Pageants and the dates that they are being held… we look forward to seeing the finalists in our studio!

Pageant Queens

Apollonia Llewellyn - World Supermodel England 2017/18 and Flawless Style Ambassador

Apollonia first rocked the pageant and modelling world 6 years ago, when she overcame the trauma of high-school bullying and low self-esteem to transform into a powerful beauty queen.

Apollonia first visited our Flawless Studio in 2014 where the photographer recommended her to consider modelling on a professional level and the rest is history! She has now gone on from being a pageant queen to Social Media influencer! Apollonia will always be grateful to Flawless for giving her the confidence to kick start her incredible career!

“Flawless are just simply the best! I have never been to a more professional, relaxing, and exciting photo studio. The staff are so friendly, and the results are amazing, thank you flawless” – Apollonia Llewellyn

Georgia Hirst – Miss GB Leeds 2019/20

“I entered Miss GB Leeds as I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone. I’d been to watch a pageant a few weeks before I entered Miss GB Leeds, I had totally the wrong perception of pageants before this and it really changed my opinion of them and I wanted to be part of it.

 Getting through the Miss Great Britain finals was an incredible experience! I’ve made great friends through the pageant world and really feel part of the family. The training and the grand final experience has helped so much with my confidence in everyday life, I’m forever grateful for being crowned Miss GB Leeds 2019/2020 and would tell anyone, don’t question yourself entering, you don’t know if you don’t enter!”

Emily Austin
Georgia Hirst
Georgia Hirst
Georgia Hirst

Emily Austin – Miss GB Leeds 2018/19

The incredibly gorgeous winner of the 2018 regional heat, Miss GB Leeds – Emily Austin had an exquisite photo-shoot showcasing not only her poise and grace but also her modesty and elegance.

Emily expressed her love for helping others through a range of charity work. Her attitude towards competing was just as gracious and her pictures, she explained that “I have been working with many different charities which have really helped me to appreciate what I’ve got a little bit more”. Emily then went on to say “Flawless has given me the platform to go for Miss Great Britain and provided me with the most beautiful photos for the competition!”

How to get sponsored by Flawless

If you are a Pageant Queen or organiser looking for a sponsor, please get in touch with Julie who will be able to assist you with our options:

Julie Salter – Marketing Manager

Prom and Pageants Affiliates

At Flawless we love supporting other small businesses within the Pageant world.

Check out below two Pageant Prom Dress shops for the most dazzling dresses you will ever see!




Alliyah Batty
Miss Tees Valley 2019 Winner
Sommer Goldsbrough
Top Model of Durham Winner