Twelve Years and More to Come #aspiration&empowerment

Last week we announced that in May 2017 Flawless will be opening a brand new makeover and photography studio in Manchester ...

Last week we announced that in May 2017 Flawless Photography Studios will be opening a brand new makeover and photography studio in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter, where we’re aiming to bring a little bling and sparkle to the cool, urban hub.

This major investment marks our twelfth anniversary in Manchester after the owner; Sanchia Chippindale opened her first successful studio in Manchester in 2005. But what most people don’t know is why she decided to open a studio in Manchester, and later in 2008 in Middlesbrough, before opening the Leeds studio in 2013?

The reason is simple, yet hugely important. Sanchia has a vision which looks to help all women enhance their natural beauty, but equally important she was keen to help young, talented, Northern women to achieve their aspirations in the industry, while also empowering them to get financial independence, giving them choice in their lives. This is why we believe #aspiration&empowerment is our important message to all the women of Manchester and across the North.

Since 2005, over 15,000 women each year, have had a little magic put in their lives. In a studio environment which is safe, close to all main transport hubs and delivered by women, for women.

Our aim is simple, we want to create the best makeover experience in the North of England. Over the coming weeks look out for our competitions as we’ll be offering free makeovers to the winners plus we will be looking to contact the thousands of women in Greater Manchester who we have helped find and enhance their natural beauty.

If you want to book an appointment simply call 0844 874 5000 or email info@flawlessmakeovers.co.uk or visit www.flawlessstudios.net. OR come and talk to us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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