We’re well into festival season!

And whether it’s Glasto, Leeds or Bestival, we’ll be the first ones to admit that festivals aren’t the MOST glamorous places for us Flawless girlies. But luckily, we’re here to dish out some of our fave beauty tips and tricks to add a little sparkle into your festival experience.

Festivals are a great occasion for us ladies to let our hair down and let loose – but when it comes to packing a make-up bag, a little planning can go a long way. Here’s how to pack light, whilst including all the essentials:

The Perfect Packing Checklist

1. BB CREAM – Even out your skin-tone and add a little coverage to keep you looking fresh-faced and flawless.

2. BRONZER – The perfect multi-purpose product! Apply to the edges of your face for a bronzed goddess look or use it as an eye-shadow to give your eyes some definition.

3. EYEBROW PENCIL – If you weren’t blessed with bushy brows, make sure to pack an eyebrow pencil. It will frame your face and bring your makeup look together.

4. TINTED LIPBALM – Chapped lips aren’t fun girls! A tinted lip-balm adds some colour to your lips while keeping them nice and moisturised.

5. WATERPROOF MASCARA – We know how unpredictable British weather is – and smeared eye makeup is never a good look. Don’t take any risks and pack a waterproof mascara!

6. GLITTER EYELINER – What’s a festival makeup look without glitter, glitter and more glitter? Pack a glitter eye-liner to add some sparkle to your lash-line and apply to the cheekbones for decoration.

7. DRY SHAMPOO – Dry shampoo is our best friend at a festival! Keep your hair clean, glossy and smelling amaze.

8. FACE WIPES – Let’s be honest, who has time for a full skincare regime at a festival? Face wipes are practical and easy.

9. MOISTURISER WITH SPF – When the sun decides to make an appearance, you need to be prepared ladies. Keeping your skin protected and moisturised is key to looking after yourself and feeling beautiful!

You will love us for this. We’ve narrowed down 3 ways to spice up your festival celebrations and make your makeup POP! Flawless presents…

3 Miracle Makeup Hacks you’ve never heard of before!

1. Add a shimmery powder or highlighter into your finishing/setting spray to make a glitter spray. You will literally dazzle like nobody else!

2. Ditch the glitter glue. Hair gel is a longer-lasting, fuss-free alternative which will keep your body glitter on point all weekend!

3. Possibly our favourite festival hack! Cut shapes out of cheap makeup sponges to create the most fabulous glitter stamps. A perfect way of getting your glam on!

Who else could we take makeup inspo from other than the ultimate Coachella QUEEN?! Vanessa Hudgens always rocks an amazing festival makeup look and it’s super simple to re-create.

The perfect go-to festival makeup look (in 5 easy steps)

1. Start by applying a dewy BB cream with a buffing brush. This will give a light-weight, natural-looking finish that will make you GLOW like Vanessa. Set with powder and sweep your cheekbones with a high pigment bronzer for a summery look.

2. Next, fill in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil using flicking upwards motions. This will give you the effortless, feathery brows that we are living for this festival season!

3. Then, take the bronzer and brush lightly on the outer corners of your eyelid for extra definition. Carefully use a liquid eyeliner to line your eyes, bringing it right into the inner corner to give the effect of Vanessa’s gorgeous cat eyes. Take a mascara and simply add a couple of coats for luscious lashes.

4. The makeup look wouldn’t be complete without adding forehead jewels. We recommend using eyelash glue or Vaseline to stick them, which makes for longer lasting sparkle!

5. Finally, add a couple of layers of your fave go-to tinted lip-balm for an extra pop of colour. And voila!