The best eyeshadow colours for your eye colour


Some say the eyes are the window to the soul – but do you know which colours best compliment your eye colour? No? Well you’re about to find out!


Warm browns, taupes and peaches really make blue eyes pop. Dark colours will give your eyes depth and dimension, whereas the peachy colours will create a highlight. Switch your black liner to brown for a softer more subtle look.


Green eyes look fabulous when complimented by gold, peach and violet tones. Purples contrast beautifully against green eyes so consider shades of lavender and plumb too.


Brown eyes are incredibly versatile and look fabulous with a large range of colours combinations. To really make your eyes stand out you should be reaching for black, taupe, purple and green. Don’t be afraid to add a dash of gold eyeshadow or glitter.


Just like green eyes, hazel eyes suit taupes, brown and gold shades. You can also experiment with dusty pinks, dark oranges and rich golds. Reach for a brown eyeliner to bring out the green in your eyes.


Grey eyes are great to experiment with – purples, charcoals and light brown shades will make the eyes look brighter and bigger due to the contrast in colour.

Our makeup artists will choose the perfect colours for you, so why not come down for a photoshoot to capture yourself at your very best!

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