A Truly Behind the Scenes Experience

I have had the pleasure of working at Flawless in the Marketing Department since January.   As a gift for my birthday, I treated myself to my very own photoshoot and my experience was brilliant! The makeup artist made me feel so glamorous and Gabby, the photographer, was excellent in telling me how to pose and […]

Ease The Pressure Boys, Sort Christmas In A Click

Ease The Pressure Boys, Sort Christmas In A Click   We know it can be tough for you men. Our expectations are higher than our heels and it takes a lot to impress a modern woman. The pressure is real… Well fear not! The Flawless Studios Christmas fairies are here to ensure you nail Christmas […]

A boudoir shoot at Flawless Studios

Indulge In The Journey, Not The Destination   Do you need to feel uplifted, confident and like the Queen you are? Stop waiting for the perfect time & quit that negative chatter. Harness your inner power right now and let your uniqueness shine.   Whether you’re a sex kitten or a cougar; blonde, brunette or […]

Invest In A Gift They’ll Love Forever!

It’s November and I bet you’re starting to think about the C-word. Whether you’re that organised person who has everything wrapped two months before or you’re usually panic buying on Christmas Eve, there’s no escaping the impending festivities. Whichever camp you fall into we have a gift idea for the most important person in your […]

Which Shade Are You This Valentines Day?

Who else is desperate to let their hair down this Valentine’s Day? If you’re ready for an erotic escape leave your inhibition at the Flawless Studio doors. You’ve read the books and seen the films. Now you can take the starring role in your own Fifty Shades Photoshoot and discover your true shade. This is […]