Retouching and editing – how we make your photos fabulous.

Every year we have over 16,000 lovely customers walk through our door, each perfect, but all with their own specific ideas of what they want to leave the studios with. Be it a natural photograph with simple lighting and minimal props, or an all singing all dancing photo shoot with airbrushing and body slimming.

We often get asked about our image retouching process, so we thought we’d share with you our secret to Flawless images, every time.

Tattoo Removal

Whether it’s your ex’s face, or you’d just rather your tattoo not be in your photos, we can help. Our skilled photo editors will ensure there’s not a trace of anything you don’t want to be in your image without the need of clever cover-up makeup, which is often expensive and often ineffective. Our tattoo removal comes with no extra charge, just be sure to let us know before your shoot!

Slimming down

All shapes and sizes are equally as beautiful, however we understand if you would like to smooth any lumps and bumps or even drop a dress size or two – nobody would ever know!

Skin smoothing

Pesky pores or persistent spots? Don’t worry if you wake up on the morning with a less than perfect complexion, our skilled team of retouchers will have your skin looking silky smooth and glowing in no time. This doesn’t just go for your face! Our retouchers can also smooth down cellulite and other imperfections elsewhere on your body.

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Flawless x