Q&A with Apollonia – Flawless’ Style Ambassador 2019

We’re so excited to chat with the one and only Apollonia Llewellyn today, who, as our Flawless Style Ambassador 2019, will be helping us to promote self-confidence, true beauty and body positivity in our studios. Apollonia first rocked the pageant and modelling world years ago, when she overcame the trauma of high-school bullying and low self-esteem to transform into a powerful beauty queen. Since then, she’s racked up over 18,000 loyal fans on her social media, began fashion modelling as a full-time career and even earned the fabulous crown of “World Supermodel England 2017/18”.

1. Welcome back to our studios Apollonia, first of all, thanks so much for sharing your story with us. We were so moved when we heard how you overcame years of challenges to rise and become the confident and successful lady you are now! Can you tell us a little more about your experience with bullying and how it affected you?

I began being bullied in high school … I was called fat, ugly and told that I was in love with myself etc. I didn’t realise it at the time, but my Flawless photoshoot helped me to realise that people were just jealous… I was recommended by my photographer at my Flawless photoshoot to consider being a model on a professional level and once I realised my own potential, this is when people began to envy me for doing well for myself. It started as name calling at school, then became cyber bullying and physical bullying. It came to the point where I could no longer eat or sleep. I had to move schools and then move to a new house because of all the trauma. I’ve realised I’m not going to let the bullies bring me down any more – they will never make me feel as low as they did again, and I will definitely not allow them to ruin my life. The bullies are not part of my future, they are in my past. I will never forgive or forget what they have done but I now l can move on from the past and enjoy my future, bully free. I still get lots of trolls online, but thankfully my confidence has grown to the point where it doesn’t bother me anymore…

2. What an inspiration! We’re very proud at Flawless to have helped you find your confidence and self-worth – and just look at you now! Not only are you a WORLDWIDE pageant queen, you’re also a model, influencer and social media star. Why was your day at Flawless Studios so special to you and your journey?

Thank you so much! My day was very special because it brings back the first time I came to the studios… that day changed my life forever and pointed me towards a career that I love. I can’t believe how successful I’ve become in 5 years and I’m happy to say, thanks to Flawless, fashion modelling is now my full-time career.



3. It’s so amazing to see how far you’ve come… Now we know our shoots are pretty action-packed, but if you had to choose your favourite part of your day, what would it be? How did it boost your confidence?

Hmmm that’s hard – I love everything! I think my favourite part of the day was my private viewing session after my photoshoot. The pictures are so amazing, and the Flawless team are really good at empowering you and making you feel confident about the pictures that have been taken.

4. We could definitely take some beauty and style inspo from you! How did you choose to have your makeup, hair and outfit on the big day? Was there a favourite product we used?

I chose a smoky gold eyeshadow look with bronzed, perfect skin for my makeup look. The makeup artists were so professional and talented and helped me to choose a makeup look that would suit me. I loved that all the makeup products were high quality but the nude-coloured MAC lipstick they used for the finishing touches was my favourite! For the hair I decided to have big bouncy curls. My hair stylist, Hayley, did an amazing job at curling my hair with the rollers to make them super volumized and glamorous. For my 4 outfits I chose a pageant dress, fashion dress, casual wear and some underwear as I like to have a variety of images. Flawless used different back drops, lighting and camera angles to suit each look and get the best possible photo which I thought was fab.

5. We’re glad you enjoyed it. Apollonia you’ve achieved so much, even having the opportunity to travel to China to represent England in the Supermodel Finals! What are your next steps for the future? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


Every year is different and becomes even better, I have so many more dreams and goals to achieve and I’m definitely not stopping any time soon…

6. We’re sure that your incredible story will inspire hundreds of teen girls struggling with bullying, insecurities and body image. What’s your best piece of advice to give to them?

The best advice I could ever give to somebody would be: always be yourself because you are you and never let anybody tell you different. Be who you want to be!

7. That’s so true girlll! That’s what we like to promote here at Flawless too. Finally, who would you recommend the Flawless experience to?

I would recommend it to anybody who wants to feel empowered, confident and have some AMAZING photos to take home with. You never know where it could get you!


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