Prepping for Prom season!


That time is almost upon us; the event of the year is so close… the ultimate excuse to dress to the nines! So grab your glitziest gowns and get ready! It’s time to dance until you can’t feel your feet no more… If you’re feeling a little unprepared then don’t fear because here at Flawless, we’ve done all the hard work for you! So relax and take note…

Prom has to be one of the most anticipated events during your teenage years, so it’s only right to prepare and look like you’ve just stepped off the red carpet at the Oscars.

Prom Tips


  • Plan!!! Create mood boards or use Pinterest to plan your perfect look! This will make it easier to bring your vision to life! It’s also useful to show hair stylists, MUA’s and dress shops!
  • Who’s in your prom party? A very important part of the day, deciding who will be by your side most of the evening? Who you will travel with? What kind of transport you will need? Anything from sports cars and limos to fire trucks and buses are the usual choices!
  • Dresses!! This takes time, finding the perfect dress for prom is one of the most important tasks! Make sure to allow enough time for alterations!
  • Photoshoot! So much prep and planning goes into one day, it’s important to capture as much as you can! Make an appointment with a makeover studio, bringing your dress and taking advantage of makeup artists and hair stylists would be great practice for the real thing! Here at Flawless we can offer you this very thing… why not take a peek at our prom package??

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Prom Prep Checklist

• Dress
• Shoes
• Bag
• Transport
• Make-up
• Hair
• Nails
• Tan
• Jewellery (Necklace, Earrings, Bracelets, Tiara?)


Clutch Bag Essentials

• Prom tickets
• Phone
• Lipstick (Just in case you need a top up!)
• Mints or gum
• Spare hair grips (in case of hair mishaps!)
• Mini deodorant
• Face powder (just in case you get a bit shiny from all that dancing!)



We love the idea of a minimal makeup look this year. Just a dewy, very natural complexion with pop of rosy blush along the cheekbones, and a nude lip colour to match! Maybe adding a touch of grey eyeshadow just at the outer corners of your lids to add the tiniest bit of drama and make your eyes pop! You can mix this look up with warmer tones if that’s more your vibe however, we do adore this more natural take on the smoky eye! So cool and effortless!!

Bold Lip
Are you feeling brave enough to rock a bold lip!? We love the idea of matching your lip colour up to your dress, the brighter the better! Go classic red or mix things up with an orange or powerful pink! Starting with a flawless base paired with a touch of bronzer along all of your face contours to warm up that complexion, a few lashings of mascara and maybe even some wispy lashes and you’re good to go! So gorgeous and feminine!

Dramatic Cat Eye
Why not go classic glam with a neutral yet bold eye! Adding a pop of highlight on your cheekbones, nose and tear ducts and an ultra-glossy nude lip! This makeup would fit perfect with any prom look! Incredibly pretty and neutral yet dramatic and eye catching!

If you’re really unsure about the look you want to create at prom, take the opportunity to come down to our studios in Leeds, Manchester or Middlesbrough… We have a range of quality makeup artists who can offer advice and help you create the look you are after! Once you have been pampered and preened to perfection, you can then go through to our photography studios and have a fabulous and unique experience on a VIP celebrity photoshoot! A fantastic way to capture prom memories that you will treasure for the rest of your life! We look forward to seeing your fabulous prom looks!