Pick the Perfect Prom Dress!

Prom is just round the corner… If you haven’t purchased your dress already, it’s time to start prom dress shopping ...

Prom is just round the corner… If you haven’t purchased your dress already, it’s time to start prom dress shopping. Whether that fills you with dread or excitement, we’ve got some top tips and tricks for you to find that perfect dress! Read on if you want to celebrate your time at school/college in style…

1. Online isn’t always best

Who doesn’t love online shopping? Type in what you’re looking for and thousands of items will appear. Great! But you can never be 100% sure if the dress will look anything like the picture online! Sometimes a trip to the shops is a better option to find that perfect fit and style for your special night.

2. Bring a person you trust

Many say three is a crowd; three is definitely a crowd in this case. Bringing two people to help you pick your prom dress may not be the best of ideas. You want to take somebody whose opinion you trust – We’re not saying your grandma’s not a style icon, but her idea of style might be a lot different to yours!

3. Don’t get hung up on one style

You might think you want a long red dress, but don’t let that stop you from trying on other styles. Be open to new styles, colours and fabrics until you find your dream dress! You never know, you might surprise yourself and realise something else works for you and your body shape.

4. Wear Makeup and Style Your Hair

We all know how much a bit of makeup can transform an outfit. So apply your favourite makeup products and style your hair similarly to what you will be wearing on the day, just to get a real idea of how amazing you will look.

5. Wear the right underwear

If you know that Spanx are your lifesaver when it comes to a more fitted dress, it’s probably inevitable that you will want to wear them on your prom day to make you feel your best. So it’s only essential that you wear them for the trying on process! We know they aren’t the most attractive – we’ve all seen Bridget Jones, ladies!

Be aware that the bra you are wearing when you try the dresses on, might not be the right one for the dress. Luckily, there are many different styles to choose from! Strapless bras, stick on bras, nipple covers, straps here there and everywhere bras, there’s an option for every type of dress.

6. Don’t let the size get you down

Shop sizes can vary from shop to shop, especially with evening wear! Size really is just a number, so don’t dwell on the size tag, just find something that fits and makes you feel fabulous.

7. Visit the Flawless Team

Before you head off to dance the night away, why not visit the Flawless team for a makeover and photoshoot? Opt out of the mini facial after your shoot and keep your professionally applied makeup on for your prom!

Whatever your plans, dress, makeup or hairstyle you choose.. We’re sure you’ll look Flawless