Studio Props

Create the picture perfect background and step into our private, multiset photography studios. Add the extra glamour to your photoshoot and take advantage of an exquisite, wide range of props, all exclusively provided by Flawless.

We offer everything from a fantastic selection of fun hats and flowers, to cute sunglasses and beautiful boas.

Or take a more glamorous approach and choose from an alluring range of burlesque feather fans and stunning chaise lounges, to glamorous princess thrones and dazzling dressing tables. All of which can be used against luxurious baroque or street style backdrops, diamond dusted and glitter walls!

More props below!

Although the studio offers a large selection, any prop can really add that extra fun-factor to your photoshoot. Make your Flawless photographs are unique to you! Do you have an interesting hobby or skill? Why not bring along your kit or equipment so we can incorporate your passion into your photoshoot.

No matter what you choose, our team of professional creatives will ensure your props and poses are choreographed to suit your style, personality and preferences.