Panicking about what to pack for your Flawless photoshoot?

A Flawless photoshoot is a fantastic opportunity (and excuse!) to focus the attention just on YOU! If you’ve left your outfit planning ...

A Flawless photoshoot is a fantastic opportunity, (and excuse!) to focus the attention just on YOU! If you’ve left your outfit planning for the shoot until the evening before, you’re probably sat staring at a floor covered in the contents of your now empty wardrobe! It’s easy to work yourself into a tizzy, and worry that you have nothing to wear for your shoot, so here’s our tried and tested tips for preparing for your photoshoot so that you can walk through the door feeling calm, and ready to be pampered.


Choose outfits you feel confident in. Many of us have outfits we wear over and over again because they make us feel and look great. This could be anything from jeans and a t-shirt, to your favourite pyjamas or Party dress! If you feel confident in what you’re wearing, you’ll feel much more relaxed during your shoot.

Number of outfits

Remember, we allow up to four outfit changes, Bring along sophisticated evening wear, sexy lingerie, party and prom dresses, vintage frocks or casual chic, whatever your style anything goes. If your’re part of a sports team or have an interesting hobby why not bring along your kit or equipment and we can incorporate your passions into your shoot. Your ensembles can be paired with our fantastic selection of accessories such as hats, glasses and boas provided by the studio. Let us bring out your true potential!


Ahh, shoes! You either own hundreds of pairs of heels, or have one trusty pair of shoes that you team with all of your outfits. We know how much of a nightmare trying to find shoes that match your outfit can be – but if you don’t want to splash the cash and buy a pair especially for your photo shoot, don’t panic! If you’ve perfected your outfit but can’t find the perfect shoes to match – go barefoot! Your feet won’t be included in photographs if you don’t want them to be, and your photos will still look just as amazing!

We hope these tips have helped, and if you’re still panicking about your photo shoot, why not get in touch with our friendly team?

Flawless x

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