How To Add Sparkle Into Lockdown Life !

We’re into week nine of lockdown and what a tough couple of months it’s been. Whether you’re home working, home schooling, caring for someone or working on the front line chances are the monotony is getting you down. The Flawless Family live for helping our customers make memories through amazing experiences, so until we can open our studio doors again (we can’t wait!) here are some ideas to sprinkle a little sparkle into Lockdown Life:

Create A Home Spa

Light a candle and play some relaxing music. Rainfall, crackling fires or birdsong, it’s all about switching off and stimulating the senses. Now slip into your most glamorous robe and relax the mind with a glass of fizz or herbal tea..

Fragrant bubbles will take your bath from everyday to exceptional so fill it high and soak it up. Indulge in some luxurious bath and skincare products for pampering appeal with calming benefits.

Don’t have a bath? No need to miss out. Try sprinkling a few drops of essential oil into the base of your shower and the steam will send the aroma into the air. Apply a relaxing face mask, hair mask and finish with top to toe moisturisation for a celeb-worthy Home Spa experience.

Host A Virtual Dinner Party

It might feel like our social lives are pretty non-existent right now, but social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t still catch up with friends. How about hosting a virtual lockdown dinner party or bottomless brunch? Make sure to set a time when everyone is free to connect with your video chat of choice. The best thing about a virtual party is there’s only yourself to cook for… prepare yourself something delicious and make sure you have the drinks in! Swap out your table cloth, add napkins and some table confetti. Consider adding some fairy lights and pick some flowers from the garden – it’s all about giving your video call some Flawless glamour! Don’t forget the games. Just because it’s virtual it doesn’t mean you don’t get to have any fun: how about creating a quiz for your guests, or download the Houseparty app for a range of fun games?

Enjoy A Virtual Movie Night

While we’re all doing our part and staying home, it’s important to keep activities and traditions going. If you used to go out with friends for a Friday movie you can change it to a Virtual Movie Night instead! Call your girls and choose a feel-good film you all want to see – how about a classic rom com? You can watch it together over a platform like Zoom, or all settle on the sofa and press play at the same time. Snuggle up in your favourite PJs and get comfy. The best thing about a virtual movie night? No popcorn sharing! You get to eat ALL the snacks and take up the whole sofa… fabulous!

We hope this has given you a few ideas to add a little fun and sparkle into isolation. We’re looking forward to welcoming you back to our studios and creating wonderful experiences with you just as soon as we can.

Flawless x