Five Step Makeup Tutorial for Mums on the Go

Mothers give up a lot when they have children: their waistlines, sleep, years of peace and quiet and 99.9% of their time. If you’re a multi-tasking mumma who only has minutes to pull yourself together on a morning, then let us teach you a thing or two about a fuss-free fresh-faced glow. We’ve got years and years of experience under our wing, and it’s fair to say we know all the magic behind the ‘child in one hand, makeup brush in the other’ dilemma.


Let’s strip back to the basics: Creating the Perfect Canvas

A night-time skincare routine can go further than you think, and it doesn’t have to be a 10-product ordeal to go the distance. A splash of anti-aging moisturiser, under-eye cream and cleansing balm will set you up for that every day radiance, with a dash of alcohol-free toner once a week keeping those pesky stress spots at bay. You’ll find that integrating skincare steps into your night-time routine will make way for a few more winks of morning beauty sleep too.

Secrets from our makeup artist mums: Try a cleansing balm with aromatic oil ingredients for extra hydration.

Rise and Shine

Maybe you didn’t know what you were getting in to when you signed up for motherhood, but you sure will nail it now. Applying a pink-toned colour correcting concealer to counteract discolouration or dark circles should be the first step to every morning makeup look, and, with the help of the coverage and colour it gives, it will also even out the skin tone and keep your face looking #flawless.

Secrets from our makeup artist mums: Try a yellow concealer for combatting veins & blue undertones or a green concealer for redness and acne.

Look Poppin’

Trends may come and trends may go but here at Flawless, we’re a fan of the glowing skin look for life. That’s why, for busy mamas, we always recommend using a highlighter on the cheekbones, inner corner of the eye and bridge of your nose. The shimmer reflects the light, and in return, you’ll beam radiance and healthy-looking skin from every angle. Add a touch of blush to the apples of your cheeks to inject some colour into the mix too.

Secrets from our makeup artist mums: When working with pearly shimmers, the shade of the highlighter should be two to three shades lighter than the shade of the skin.

Eyelashes on Fleek

A house full of kids and a 30-minute eyeshadow look might not be the best combo for a Monday morning. So, let’s keep it simple. Cut back on time and invest in a high-quality mascara that offers rapid results, rather than dealing with the whole contents of your makeup bag. Long, sweeping lashes will immediately wake up your face and make people believe you’ve made at least (some) effort. It’s a winner!

Secrets from our makeup artist mums: To get the best out of your mascara, bend the wand to suit your eye shape and apply from the roots upwards.

Get your Gloss On

If you don’t do anything else, plump up on some layers of your favourite lip gloss and you can survive your day. If you’re feeling brave, why not up the glam and opt for a bright coral or rose red colour? It shouldn’t be frightening to introduce something new into your makeup routine – after all you never know how a pop of pink lippy and a smile can work with your confidence. For a more muted makeup look, try a glossy peach or caramel shade to compliment your blush.

Secrets from our makeup artist mums: Topping up your colour throughout the day isn’t convenient which is why we always recommend using a lip brush to apply your lip products – it works wonders to make them last longer.

Half Price Offer for Mother’s Day

Are you a makeup-obsessed mum who craves a day away from this five-minute morning routine? There’s no better place for you than Flawless Studios. This year, we’re treating our yummy mummies to a day of indulgence, downtime, makeup, hair and fashion heaven for only £24.99. Celebrate your hardworking role as a mother with you and your little one as you join us for a relaxing makeover and photoshoot experience. You can take the time to truly dress up for the occasion and transform into the ultimate Queen Bee as you regain your confidence and love for feeling pampered and special. Remember, motherhood doesn’t have to strip away some of the more important things in life: Self-care and feeling beautiful.

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