Fifty Shades Of Grey Photoshoot. Which Shade Are You?

Fifty Shades Main Image

2020: a year we’re all keen to see the back of.
Cancelled plans, no holidays and months of being stuck indoors…
we’re all desperate for an erotic escape, aren’t we girls?

This is your personal invitation from Flawless Studios to discover another world, one where you hold the key to the YOU you’ve only ever discovered in your erotic fantasies…
You’ve read the book and seen the film, now take the starring role in your own Fifty Shades Photoshoot.



Our Fifty Shades package is the sexy sister to our Boudoir package. Sultry, sexual and seductive, this experience allows you the freedom to express your inner fetish, whether as a dominant, a submissive or just as your sensual self.

You and your partner can recreate the chemistry between Anastasia Steele and Christian Gray in a passionate experience that neither of you will ever forget, taking home a portfolio of images to give you both pleasure for years to come. Just imagine looking back at these sexy shots, they’ll keep your relationship sizzling!

 Ladies, you don’t need a man for this experience. Take a risk, leave your everyday look at the studio door and let our team of style experts transform you into a dominatrix. 

With sexy hair styling and a sultry make up look, you’ll feel pampered every stage of the process and your confidence will skyrocket. Our experienced female photographers will guide you step by step, helping you to create stunning poses with a BDSM theme. We provide an extensive collection of fantasy props to create raunchy images usually reserved for your deepest desires.

Our studios have a huge selection of lavish backdrops to set the sizzling scene, including our boudoir beds and chaise longue. You can bring four outfit changes allowing you to become that person you have only considered in secretive fantasies. Revealing lingerie, bondage wear, leather, chains, whips – whatever you’re into, no holds barred.

The Fifty Shades Package is the ultimate antidote to the pressures of this year.
Our studios are Covid secure and we cannot wait to welcome you in.

Leave your inhibition at home and discover your true shade.