Feel fabulous at your Boudoir Makeover & Photoshoot

Our Boudoir Belle photo shoot is the definitive, glamorous makeover. Look and feel like you never have before. A boudoir photo shoot ...

Our Boudoir Belle photo shoot is the definitive, glamorous makeover. Look and feel like you never have before…

A boudoir photo shoot is an exciting experience, but for a lot of people it is often nerve racking.

Our female photographers will choreograph your shoot from start to finish and will guide you through the whole experience. They will create the most flattering lighting to leading you through each pose in our private, multi-set studios with boudoir props, Burlesque Feather Fans, luxurious chaise lounges, dusted Glitter walls etc.

All our professional photographers are experienced in creating the types of photos you would like to achieve. You’ll likely be wearing something revealing, so if there are areas of your body you’re conscious of, choose poses to flatter or take attention away from these areas. If you’re feeling particularly nervous, practice some poses beforehand to discover which make you feel the most comfortable.

Select your outfits for the day carefully. We allow up to four outfit changes throughout your shoot to allow you to really experiment with different looks. If you’re new to boudoir shoots some of the most popular outfit and accessory choices are as follows:

  • Don’t underestimate the two piece! Black and red are the most popular colours for the sultrier photos.
  • Hold Ups or Stockings! These make such a difference. Most ladies feel (and look!) amazing when wearing them, and the photos look sensational as a result!
  • High Heels! The confidence will ooze out of you whilst you pose in those sexy heels!
  • Jewellery -Long necklaces, rings and bracelets add that extra bit of glamour to boudoir shoots!

Practice your poses in front of the mirror and work out which areas of your body you would like to show off and which areas you might like to cover. Laying on your back with your legs up against something is a great pose to flatten your stomach and elongate your legs. Poses with your arms away from your body accentuate curves, and posing with your arms upwards gives an illusion of an overall slimmer body.

Of course, you don’t need to do any research beforehand, and often our clients are surprised by our photographer’s ability to hide insecurities with clever lighting and different positions. We have photographed every body type and know which positions flatter the body and which don’t so you can rest assured we will do everything it takes to make sure your photoshoot experience is a memorable one.

We know your Flawless boudoir photo shoot will leave you feeling amazing!

Flawless x

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