Cheat your way to fuller lips

At the moment, it seems like everybody's aiming for fuller, plumper lips. If lip fillers aren't your thing, or maybe you just don’t ...

At the moment, it seems like everybody’s aiming for fuller, plumper lips. If lip fillers aren’t your thing, or maybe you just don’t have Kylie Jenner’s bank balance then you’ll be happy to know there are several cheap and easy techniques to fake your way to a fuller pout! Here are just a few:


Before starting with any other lip products, we recommend applying a generous coat of lip balm to add hydration, particularly in winter! Allow the balm time to sink into your lips before moving onto the next step. If chemical lip enhancers aren’t your thing, there are plenty of lip balms out there which include mint as an ingredient. Mint is a natural put-enhancer, while helping to sooth dry or sore lips at the same time – bingo!

Brush away the dry!

Flaky and dry lips appeal duller and less full. Luckily there’s an easy way to fix this using nothing more than a toothbrush! Gently scrub away dead skin with a toothbrush. The circular motions will help boost your circulation, helping to promote a naturally rosy hue.

Add a neutral base

Before adding colour, prime your lips with a light layer of foundation to act as a base. This will help to improve and smooth lipstick application and make your lipstick look more pigmented. If you plan on overlining your lips, pat a small amount of concealer onto the lips and over your lip line to fake a larger canvas to work with.

Add a little light

Clara Bow became a beauty icon for her perfectly emphasized lips and exaggerated dip below her nose. You can enhance your cupids bow by adding a small amount of highlighter.

Throw some shade

A well known trick amongst makeup artists is to line and fill your lip lips with a liner slightly darker than your natural lip colour before applying any pretty pigments. Choosing a liner in a similar shade to your lip colour will make your lipstick look more natural.

Think outside the box

Another trick used by the likes of Kylie, is to line along the outer ridge of your lips with your lip liner – as opposed to on the line. The key to this is to line subtly, so it’s not obvious you have liner on at all. This takes a bit of practice, so begin by trying a lip liner in a similar shade to the lipstick you’re using.

Our makeup artists can use tried and tested techniques to make sure your pout looks fabulous for your photoshoot. Get in touch!

Flawless x