Flawless Prom Girls Photoshoot!

This week, Courtney Baker – @courtsbaker19 and her bestie, also called Courtney (Brown) – @courtney_christine18, visited our Leeds studio for a Prom themed photoshoot. We were able to catch up with the girls after their shoot, to see how it went. Courtney and Courtney met when they were just 4 years old – Courtney Brown […]

How To Add Sparkle Into Lockdown Life !

We’re into week nine of lockdown and what a tough couple of months it’s been. Whether you’re home working, home schooling, caring for someone or working on the front line chances are the monotony is getting you down. The Flawless Family live for helping our customers make memories through amazing experiences, so until we can […]

Five Step Makeup Tutorial for Mums on the Go

Mothers give up a lot when they have children: their waistlines, sleep, years of peace and quiet and 99.9% of their time. If you’re a multi-tasking mumma who only has minutes to pull yourself together on a morning, then let us teach you a thing or two about a fuss-free fresh-faced glow. We’ve got years […]

Easy Eyebrow 101


Brows have certainly had their fair share of the spotlight recently, tweezers have been tossed away in favour of Cara Delevingne esque …

10 Steps to a Flawless Face


Do you desire a face of glamorous, chiselled and perfected makeup? Do you crave the contour but don’t have the confidence? …

Monthly Beauty Recipe: Contour


Highlighting and contouring can magically enhance your cheekbones, creating the illusion of a more prominent and flattering …

5 Minute Smokey Eyes


Smokey eyes don’t have to be difficult! Here’s a little guide to the perfect 5 minute smokey eye look. Just follow these easy steps …