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I'm Nicola, I'm 21 and I'm part of the Flawless Team. I was lucky enough to be invited to the ‘Bump to Baby Photo Shoot’ ...

My name is Nicola, I am 21-years-old and I am part of the Flawless Team. I was lucky enough to be invited to the ‘Bump to Baby Photo Shoot’. I thought I would share the story of the experience with the readers of our blog to give any soon to be mums an insight into what to expect from a Bump to Baby Photo shoot with us.

Let’s jump straight to the glamour routine!


Katie was first of all treated to a mini manicure to ensure her nails looked camera ready for her photoshoot.


Katie made herself comfortable on the special Bump to Baby Chair with extra support. The professional hair stylist then began to work her magic. Each section of hair was carefully parted and rolled up into bright red rollers and finished with a spritz of hairspray.


The Mac makeup artist then applied a number of high end branded makeup products to Katie’s face. Katie relaxed as she indulged in a flawless foundation finish, a blended smoky eye look and perfectly shaped brow. The artist then dipped into one of her makeup bags and pulled out the most beautiful champagne coloured highlighter; this was then applied to the high points of Katie’s bone structure to add a glam ‘Kardashian’ Style effect.

Photo Shoot

The bump to baby experience will allow Katie to experience TWO separate photo shoots. She will be able to capture a stunning pregnancy glow at her Bump Shoot and her beautiful new born at the Baby Shoot. Both of the shoots are private and personal, creating the perfect atmosphere and allowing the mum to be to feel super confident! The photographer used the baby blocks to spell out the baby’s name over the bump to give the pictures that essential cute boost! Blue ribbons were wrapped around the bump as Katie posed in front of the sparkly backdrops.

Katie laughed and joked with the photographer who advised her of the most comfortable positions to pose in. It was obvious that she was instantly at ease, comfortable and completely relaxed in front of the camera. Her partner, Simon joined in with some of the shots too! I thought it was genuinely lovely they could share the experience together.

Katie looked super glam and created memories of her bump that she will be able to treasure forever. I genuinely think that the bump to baby shoot is perfect for those mums to be who want to add that glamour to their pregnancy and create a beautiful collection of pictures before and after the birth. I’m so excited to see Katie and Simon back for the Baby Photo shoot soon! Hope you all enjoyed my blog entry, you can read more about our bump to baby packages here!

Love Nicola X

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