A Bridal Boudoir Shoot to Keep Your Engagement Sizzling!

We’ve seen 18 months of cancelled weddings, rescheduled weddings, smaller than planned weddings. Maybe you dreamed of an overseas beach wedding, cancelled and rebooked for this summer, only to have to cancel again and move it to next year. Lots

of couples have changed their plans all together, swapping a big lavish bash for a small and intimate affair.

However your wedding plans have been impacted, the two of you are in love and that’s all that matters. Show your partner you still mean business with a stunning Bridal Boudoir portfolio that’s sure to keep your engagement sizzling.

Our Boudoir Brides Photoshoot is the sexy sister to our Boudoir package. Classy and seductive, this experience allows you the freedom to express yourself as a sultry bride-to-be and remind your partner exactly why they put a ring on it. Believe us, this is what they really want to unwrap on your wedding night.

You will be shot in four different outfits so it’s a great excuse to treat yourself to some new bridal lingerie and gorge ous sets for your honeymoon. We can also capture magical shots of your wedding dress; our photographers will show you how to wear it sexy and seductively. Our talented all-female team will guide you on how to pose – sit, arch your back, where to look. Trust us, your better half will be blown away. Pack a pair of heels too, not only do they look amazing in your photos, they ensure great posture as you look and feel strong and powerful.

Now for the best part! You get to take a day off from the stress of wedding planning and enjoy a day being pampered in our stunning studios. After a bespoke consultation and a relaxing glass of wine, tea or coffee, our talented Glam Squad team of makeup artists and hair stylists will prepare you for camera, with full make up application, hair styling and mini manicure. Step under the studio lights and shine, girl!

Our studios have a huge selection of lavish backdrops to set the scene, including Our boudoir beds, chaise longue and feather fans. We finish the experience with an optional express facial and private viewing session where you get to choose the shots you know your loved one will adore!

A boudoir shoot is a liberating experience that you will never forget. Imagine the look on your fiancé’s face when you gift them a surprise portfolio of images that will give you both pleasure for years to come.

Boudoir Bride