Accessorise your Prom Outfit

So you’ve done the big part and chosen a dress - by far the most important decision! However don't underplay the accessories ...

So, you’ve done the big part and chosen a dress – by far the most important decision you will be making! However, it’s important not to underplay the accessories. Let’s talk trinkets..

The most obvious accessory is without a doubt, jewellery. It can accent your gown and let your own personal style shine through! Whether your style is simplistic, classic or a little bit funky there is bound to be the perfect accessory out there to suit you and your dress.

Although jewellery looks great, it’s important not to over accessorise as this can draw attention away from your dress. If you’re overfaced by choice, simple earrings or an elegant tasteful necklace will do the trick! Pearl earrings are classy – and nobody can tell if they are real or fake, so they don’t need to break the bank. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but you don’t always need gems to accessorise a dress. Why not consider accessorising with simple ribbons in your hair, or add a corsage for a classy, timeless look.

Along with a splash of jewellery, you should think about accessories that serve a purpose. Living in England means we can’t count on the weather being great, so why not take the opportunity to complete your outfit with a wrap or dainty scarf.

Last but certainly not least, is the all-important purse/clutch. You don’t want to have to worry about carrying your phone and money around in your hands all day, so invest in a nice clutch or purse!

Are you ready to show off your fantastic outfit? Get in touch to book a pre-prom photo shoot!

Flawless x

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