A Truly Behind the Scenes Experience

I have had the pleasure of working at Flawless in the Marketing Department since January.   As a gift for my birthday, I treated myself to my very own photoshoot and my experience was brilliant! The makeup artist made me feel so glamorous and Gabby, the photographer, was excellent in telling me how to pose and what to do to get me looking my best. Normally, I’m the person behind the camera, creating behind the scenes content of our customers for our online platforms, so it was wonderful to be in front of the camera for a change.

My photoshoot started with my makeup artist asking me what kind of makeup look I was going for and what colours I usually wear, so she could create the perfect look for me. She was patient and understanding as I don’t usually wear much makeup so wasn’t entirely sure what look I was wanting. I was talked through the entire process and she even taught me how to do my contour which has now been added to my daily makeup routine as I loved it. We even talked about different colours to compliment my unique style (red hair, fair skin, and blue eyes) which was extremely helpful as I struggle to find a look that works for me. Not anymore! After my shoot, I went and bought quite a few of the products she recommended and I am in love! I adored my first makeover and I am already looking forward to my next one.

I was very nervous for my photoshoot as I have dealt with body image issues for as long as I can remember. I have very few pictures of myself that I genuinely love because of this, so I was very sceptical that I would get images from this experience that I would like. I was so wrong, I have never seen myself looking so beautiful in pictures before! Gabby was incredible at listening to what I wanted and made me feel confident about the insecure parts of myself and suggested poses that were perfect!

Needless to say my boyfriend is also extremely happy with the pictures as well. But I think he was happier at how confident they made me feel! He even said that he was thrilled I got to see myself the way that he does. Anyone who is debating on whether to book a photoshoot , due to body image issues, I have two words for you… DO IT!!!

This experience was truly such a memorable and brilliant day for me and I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who is deciding whether or not to go for it. The makeover was wonderful, the photoshoot with Gabby was amazing, and my images I received are truly mesmerising. I will definitely be booking another shoot soon and cannot wait.

Jess xxx