4 Gorgeous 2 Minute Hairstyles


If you’re the type of person who favours an extra ten minutes in bed rather than having enough time to get everything done in the morning, an arsenal of easy, go-to hairstyles is key to avoiding the bedhead look when you’re legging it out the door. These hairstyles not only look chic and elegant, but they take no time to do – so nobody has to know you pressed snooze six times in a row!

1. The Single Twist

This look is so simple but so pretty. Take a piece of hair from the left of your head and pin it to the right, then do the same for the right side of your hair and use a bobby pin to secure the look.

2. The Top Knot

Tie your hair in a ponytail, the higher the better. Gently backcomb the ponytail to give it some volume before wrapping the hair around the bobble into a bun shape and pin any loose strands.

3. The Twisted Ponytail

Divide your hair along your parting. Tie both halves of your hair into a loose knot and secure underneath with bobby pins.

4. The Half Top Knot

Section the crown of your head and secure the hair with a bobble. Twist the hair round the bobble in the same way you would for a messy bun, pin the bun in place and add a spritz of hairspray.

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