Flawless Prom Queen || Bethany Blissett


We’re so delighted to chat to our very own Flawless Prom Queen, Bethany Blissett.

Bethany will be giving us a little insight into the life of a Prom Queen and the preparation behind it. Here at Flawless, we like to recognise and praise hard work which is why we introduced our very own Prom Queen Competition.

We loved working with our contestants, but there was one girl who really stood out for us and had the ultimate wow factor- the gorgeous Bethany Blissett!

Bethany, from Kettering, Northants visited our Leeds Studio to claim her Makeover & Photoshoot Prize. Mum & Dad, John & Sarah came too and all enjoyed a complimentary afternoon tea after Bethany’s photoshoot.
Bethany organized a charity ball in May and raised over £12,000 in 18 months for Christie Cancer Charity – she’s an amazing girl!

First of all, congratulations on being crowned our own Flawless Prom Queen. You definitely deserved it so well done! How did you feel when you became the Flawless Prom Queen?
I was very happy, but I was also very surprised, I couldn’t believe it! It was very overwhelming for me and my mum.

Who nominated you to be Prom Queen?
My mum nominated me after seeing the promotion and thought I was the perfect candidate – I couldn’t believe she nominated me!

Your mum certainly made the right move nominating you! Has being Prom Queen always been a dream of yours?
Yes, from being very young I’ve always wanted to be Prom queen, I think it’s every girl’s dream.

Talk us through the look you went for and the outfit choice?
I brought all three dresses with me, my Prom Dress, Glam Dress and for the third outfit, I went for an elegant style because that is by far my favourite look.


All your outfits were amazing, especially your Prom Dress! Did you pick up any makeup or hair tips?
Yes, the hair tips I picked up on were the use of heated rollers gives more volume to my hair. In terms of makeup, my MUA was amazing! You did my makeup exactly how I wanted it to look. I couldn’t have been more pleased.

We’re so pleased you loved your makeup! What was the whole experience like for you?

The whole experience was really fun and enjoyable! It was a very special day, I felt so comfortable and everyone was so welcome. It is something I will remember forever. I particularly enjoyed having my hair and makeup done

We are so happy to hear that! Is there anything you would do differently in terms of the look you went for on the day?
Everything was great and the look I went for was perfect. It’s exactly the look I was going for – I wouldn’t change a thing.

What Pageants have you entered?
I have entered quite a few pageants, I took part in Miss Teen Great Britain in Oct 2018 & I’m taking part in Miss Teen Galaxy UK, the finals will be held in March next year and the winner of that Pageant will go to America to the International finals – exciting times!

Tell me about Betty’s Bags:
When I was 14, I needed pocket money so I set up an online business selling personalised bags. There are different size bags to choose from and customers can send an image of their choice and the bag is then personalised!

We love to treat our customers with weekly prize draws and amazing competitions. Keep your eyes peeled because the festive season is fast approaching, who knows what we have in store!



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