10 Steps to a Flawless Face

Do you desire a face of glamorous, chiselled and perfected makeup? Do you crave the contour but don’t have the confidence? ...

Do you desire a face of glamorous, chiselled and perfected makeup? Do you crave the contour but don’t have the confidence? Do you try to follow the tutorials down to a T, but still not sure where to start? Follow these simple but effective steps to achieve that flawless, selfie-worthy look.


1) After showering, start by cleaning your face/neck with an exfoliating wipe or your favourite cleansing solution. This will ensure that any smudges and traces of old makeup or impurities are removed from the face, creating a flawless, clean surface area. Choose from a luscious facial oil or youth enhancing serum to give your skin that extra boost before cosmetic application.

2) Whether you’re a drug-store diva or a high end gal, a wide selection of facial sprays are waiting to be discovered. Some of the favourites being the Mario Berdescue Rose Water Spray and the Nyx Priming Spray, perfect for a refreshing skin boost before makeup application. Allow this to dry naturally or create that dewy, airbrushed finish by pushing it into the skin using a damp sponge or beauty blender. TIP: Put your favourite setting sprays in the fridge for a few hours to make them extra refreshing for application!!

3) It’s priming time! Depending on your skin type, choose either a matte based or shine enhancing primer. This will create an effective barrier between the skin and the makeup decreasing the risk of break outs and blemishes. Apply this to your skin in a downwards motion (as this is the direction our face hairs grow) using either clean fingers or a suitable makeup brush.

4) Blemish balm cream (otherwise known as BB cream!) may be a product that not everyone incorporates into their routine, but it’s definitely one to consider. The BB cream has multiple uses. To smooth, prepare or intensify the next product applied. It’s also great if you want a more natural look and want to step away from a heavy foundation application.

5) Whether you’re a medium or full coverage, a matte or a dewy makeup enthusiast, apply a full face of foundation to conceal uneven skin tone and to create a base. Apply with a foundation brush, beauty blender or fingers – it all depends on preference, you’ll soon find what works for you. If you find that to create your perfect colour you need to mix two of your favourite foundations or maybe you prefer a mixture of the two textures (matte and dewy) , then that’s absolutely fine. Although these ten steps are here as a guideline, we make our own rules with makeup. It’s all about preference; it’s your face after all!

6) Get your shade and light on with an on-point contour routine. Draw an upside down triangle under your eyes with a light concealer: bring this all the way down the side of your nose and up to your ear. Add the concealer to the middle of your nose, below your eyebrows, below the contour line and between the eyebrows up to the bottom of the forehead. Depending on your skin tone and preference, it is best to add a cool contour coloured cream product to the hollows of the cheeks, down each side of the nose, around the top of the forehead and on the jawline. Blend this all in with either a damp beauty blender or a foundation blending brush, make sure each product is kept separate to enhance the contrast.

7) Add extra colour and shimmer to your look, with a blush that compliments your overall skin tone and complexion. Choose a blush that brings out the colour of your eyes and blends well with your current contour routine. Apply the blush just above your contour shadow, and then apply highlighter to the high points of your face (tops of cheek bones, above and below your eyebrow and on the cupids bow.) Choose from a matte mac blush and a subtle slight shimmer highlighter or a pink blush with a built in golden goddess highlight, either will make you look like a makeup pro.

8) Try a dramatic or subtle effect with your eye makeup look. Opt for a glamourous cut crease or a simple, blended transition colour teamed with plenty of mascara or some false lashes. As a prior step to creating your eye makeup look, make sure that your eyebrows are plucked to perfection or coloured in with your favourite eyebrow pencil. Don’t forget there are millions of eye products to choose from! From a colourful shadow pallet to lash-growth promoting mascara – indulge in the many choices and techniques the eye-makeup world has to offer.

9) Prep the lips with a lip moisturizer or scrub, this keeps them soft and will prevent drying effects from matte lip products. Once you have done this, apply either a lip gloss or a matte lipstick, pair it with a matching lip liner to enhance your natural lip shape or apply a small amount of high lighter in the middle of the lips to create a full look without lip liner. To really enhance the shape of your lips, apply a shadow underneath your bottom lip with a soft blending brush and apply a slight highlight to the cupids bow.

10) If you’re creating a fabulous makeup look, there’s no doubt you’ll want it to last all day long! If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to apply a light setting powder all across your face, to ensure that your products don’t move. Top this with a spritz of setting spray – hold this about 15 cm away from your face and don’t forget to close your eyes. Another recommendation would be to do this once your mascara has completely dried to prevent any fall out. Then you’re good to go!!

Skip these steps and let Flawless do the work for you, Flawless creates a full makeup look to enhance your best features and bring out the confidence in you! We pick colours, techniques and products that are personal to you and your preferences. What are you waiting for? Allow Flawless to create the 10 (and more or less) process for you as you relax and enjoy the pampering. Book Your Makeover & Photoshoot NOW!

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